By April 30, 2016Image Consultant

Did you know that colours that complement your natural colouring can make you look younger, healthier and more confident! Achieve an instant face lift without any surgery.

There are too main reasons to consider wearing the right colours,

  • The impact on yourself
  • the impact on others

So many of s will have read articles about looking at your skin tone to ascertain whether you have a warm or coll undertone,however whilst this is important for many of us this is not the main driver of which colours we should be wearing; Much of the analysis in the past was based on this and took little or no account of your hair and eye colour, which now seems odd!

What we should be looking at is the degree of softness/ contrast, lightness/darkness and then also whether the undertone is warm or cool within our own natural colouring and complementing this with our clothes;

What do I mean by  this, well there are 6 main categories that we use  and I think examples of those who typify the type make it easier for us to understand

  • Clear and Soft, beautifully typified by Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston
  • Deep dark colouring such as Michelle Obama and light colouring such as Helen Mirren and Kate Blanchett
  • Warm and Cool colouring such as Christina Hendricks and those cools such as Judi Dench

If you are wearing colours from your paleete that work well with your own natural colouring this will enhance rather than detract from it; comments such as “you are looking well” will be what you hear rather “than I like your outfit”; we want people to see us not what we are wearing.

At work wearing the right colours can make you feel more confident, become more approachable , stand taller and perform better simply because you feel appropriately dressed for the circumstances you find yourself in.

As you get older your colouring will change so get your colours rechecked ; also if you change your hair colour this may have a dramatic effect on your overall look

See and be seen

Black can be a default for us all but it is rarely flattering and tends to make us invisible to others;

Wearing the right colours means you know what you are about, and you will make others feel this too;

Enjoy your clothes and make up and ensure that they work for you!