Who I Am

I am a fully trained Personal and Executive Coach with the Coaching Academy and Image Consultant with Colour Me Beautiful. I provide a wide range of consultations and coaching interventions tailored to individuals and groups details of which are on the website.

What I Do

I understand what you want to achieve. Through our consultations work out where you are now and what needs to occur to move you towards where you wish to be. Put in place actions that will move you forward towards achieving your aim.

I am passionate about enabling people to be the best version of themselves. I hope that the people I work with seek to be fulfilled and don’t live with regrets. In order to do this, I work with clients to make positive changes to the way they present themselves to help them develop their own unique style and have the impact they wish to have both at work and at home.


My Background

Originally I qualified with a BSc in Biology and Chemistry and then went on to work for about 25 years in the Medical Industry and Engineering Industry managing and leading large projects and teams, both directly and indirectly as a R&D Director and New Product Delivery Director. During my time in Industry I was responsible for the design and implementation of change at a local and organisational level; having  qualified as a Corporate and Executive coach from the Coaching Academy and Style and Image consultant with CMB I now have a keen appreciation of both the theoretical and practical issues associated with the development of Leaders, Teams, and Individuals. In addition I fully understand the processes and culture that underpin high performing organisations.

In order for me to be successful as a Director of a large team it became important for me to  enable those within the team to realise their own potential ; Much of what hold us back is self esteem and confidence rather than ability. As a consequence, spent much of my time as a manager understanding how to address these issues with my own team, and sought out and developed tools and techniques to support people as they develop.


My Particular Areas Of Interest Include:

  • Leadership style and influencing skills
  • Personal style, Colour Science and Individual impact
  • Women in the workplace
  • Design and delivery of workshops for the implementation of strategic imperatives
  • Cultural change and organisational development
  • Personal, Corporate and Executive coaching
  • Team development
  • Project management

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