My work is outcome focused. I concentrate on the impact you wish to make and why. Change yourself to achieve a different outcome.

Coaching Personal and Business

1-2-1 Sessions

Group Sessions

In order to get the best from ourselves and our teams it is necessary to provide different interventions at different times in our careers. I run a ‘Framework for Coaching’ sessions at regular intervals which are designed to support small groups of people or individuals to start to understand how they are driven, where these drivers come from and how to take the first steps towards changing them to better support their current and future aspirations and goals. These sessions are designed to support the Coaching Process and ensure that when the Coaching Process commences, it is focused on bringing about change from within the individual.

I offer a mixture of Training Coaching and Facilitation to help people beginning to understand how to change the impact they are having in their daily lives by taking control of themselves.

Bespoke tailor made offerings and gender-specific training are available. I work as both an Executive and Personal Coach across many Industry Sectors.

Corporate Image

Do The Clothes Suite You? Do The Clothes Suite The Occasion? Do The Clothes Suite Each Other?

Regardless of whether we agree or disagree we are still judged and judge others based on the image they present when we meet them. Much of this is subconscious and we are unaware of the response we have, yet we will have one.

The Working Wardrobe

Many Corporate Clients will argue that we should be judged by what we do, not how we look and I agree, so take comments about how you dress out of the equation and ensure you are comfortable in your own skin, appropriate for the situation you find yourself in and able to perform at your best.

Help for your Employees & Brand Awareness

Formal attire is no longer appropriate for many workplace settings; this leaves employees and managers alike struggling with what is appropriate. Provide your staff with guidance and advice on what is appropriate they are probably as confused as you are; ensure that your employees understand your brand values and present them effectively in what they do and how they look.

Be Seen and See Others

  • Presentations and Workshops:
    • Brand Values and You
    • The Working Wardrobe
    • Good grooming
    • + Others
  • 1-2-1 Consultations Including:
    • Colour
    • Style
    • Wardrobe Edits and Shopping Trips
    • Policy Development

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