Colour And Personal Style

By April 20, 2017Image Consultant

As a fully qualified consultant with Colour Me Beautiful I can help you understand how to wear colours and shapes to best flatter you, help you understand what fabrics to choose, hairstyles and colours to complement your complexion choose you spectacles and apply your make -up. I short to assist you in achieving the look you desire whilst retaining the essence of who you are.

This will increase you confidence your confidence and help you enjoy the clothes you wear.

Image the facts – What does your image say about you?

  •  70% of how we communicate is via our demeanor and image.
  • It takes less than 7 seconds for people to form an opinion of you;
  • Women spend on average £4k on clothes each year;
  • Men now spend £1k on clothes per annum; the rise of the ‘Mansumer is evident’
  • The way we present ourselves has a direct impact on how we are perceived, how people view our abilities, how they perceive how we value ourselves, and how professional we are:
  • Wearing the right clothes will gain us recognition from others because we look the part and exude confidence.

Undertaking a simple Colour Analysis and Personal Style Consultation will arm you with all the information you need to make good informed decisions about what you choose to wear.

The return on investment is excellent both in terms of expenditure and increased confidence for you and improved earning potential.

In no other area in your life would you spend so much with so little research; learn some basic rules to make the buying and wearing of clothes fun, and assist you in reducing those impulse purchases.

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