By October 12, 2016Image Consultant
Messy Wardrobe

Yesterday I had great fun with a client sorting out her wardrobe before she moves house later in the week; It is one of those activities that we all put off, a little bit like filing and doing the accounts, there are so many more exciting things to do in life………however within the space of 3 hours it was all sorted and she had halved the quantity of clothes in the closet, new what she had and was sure it all fitted and was in reasonable shape. I know she won’t mind me posting a picture of what we got rid of and saying that there were a variety of sizes in the closet and some interesting styles, like us all she has gone through phases in her life which have meant changes in her shape and her mood, and her clothes reflected that; we had some laughs a long the way and she was able to donate some lovely pieces that were now too small for her, to a young friend who is working with her who was delighted with her ‘swag’.

We also took a good look at some of the items she was more nervous about wearing and looked at why, and also how to mix up her colours more effectively with her love of black. We considered what she now needs clothes for and although some pieces are worn less frequently there were good reasons to keep them in the wardrobe. I know that this task has been bothering her since she mentioned it to me a couple of weeks ago and we booked her in, it is not only therapeutic but a really good way to discuss and work through understanding what works for you and why……so don’t delay take a good look at your wardrobe soon and feel better about what you are wearing and why!