Mens Dressing

By October 16, 2017Image Consultant

What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

For many men in the Corporate world how they appear can mean the difference between success and promotion or failure to realise your potential. With the advent of the ‘Casual smart’ it is tempting to think that dress is no longer a factor in business but this would be a mistake. We still convey our intent and persona largely by our image and demeanour before we even speak!

The good news is that it is easy to make a good impression with a fairly small investment. Armed with information relating to the colours that will suit you the best and the shapes and styles that will enhance your best features, investing wisely will; become easy. If however the concept of shopping still fills you with dread then assistance can also be given to support you in your shopping expedition.

Mansumer the facts:

  • Men now spend up to £1k a year on clothes and this figure is rising every year;
  • They are more inclined to purchase specific brands.than women.
  • Many men despite enjoying shopping struggle with the same issues as women, uncertain what to wear, and also how to combine items to achieve a look

What will we do?

  • Full colour analysis to identify the correct colours to wear including your dominant and secondary palette
  • Assessment of suitable corporate attire using your colour palette
  • Assessment of body shape and information on what clothing styles will suit you
  • Personal shopping to assist in your choice of work and/or leisure wardrobe
  • Notes on how to combine items to achieve the look you need to best flatter you and convey your personality.