By October 1, 2016Image Consultant


Most of struggle throughout our lives to ascertain our own sense of style and then develop it as we age; you may have found in your 20’s that you could wear most things and you felt and looked good; but at some point in life all but the fortunate few lose their way at some point. Lets see if we can debunk the myths about personal style and set you on your way to getting one of your own and keeping it; After all a style is not just for Christmas but a life long commitment, so make sure you are happy with yours!

Lets start by considering the style labels; no not designer labels but the words we use commonly to describe style.

  • Romantic and dreamy; typified by the frill, but also a lover of all things lace and soft floaty, drapeable and fluid fabrics.  Kylie Minogue, Marilyn Monroe
  • Creative or Boho Chic, enjoys an eclectic mix of prints, designs fabrics and styles mixing them in all combinations, and somehow making them all look good. Paloma Faith
  • Chic and city smart, a lover of the tailored look with a twist, accessories to maximum effect. Halle Berry, Kate Middleton
  • Classic, like the car timeless and seamless, these ladies are always coordinated . Katie Holmes, Jackie Onassis, Kate Winslet
  • Au naturalle, as it comes with or without the sparkle, minimal fuss and effort. Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston
  • Dramatic, a lover of bold prints and vibrant colours, dressing is a way of life for these ladies. Katy Perry.Rita Ora, Victoria Beckham,Lady Gaga

There will be many other celebrities who you will be able to identify who will inspire you So clip those cuttings and start working out what it is that you would like to try for yourself.

Now is your turn. Research, question and collect; what do these people wear from top to toe, what elements make their look,

Check out all aspect from the head to toe rather than focusing on an item. Who is your style icon and what do they wear with what?

  • Hair
  • Make up
  • Spectacles/ Shades
  • Jacktst and tops
  • Skirts/ Trousers
  • Shoes/ Sandals
  • Accessories ,jewelry and bags
  1. Start by making yourself a mood board over the next few weeks capture images of the clothing and outfits you really like, and who is wearing them. Pinerest can be really useful for this.
  2. Take pictures when you are shopping of items you may like to buy
  3. Ensure you include accessories , belts shoe,s shades etc in your collection after all you can’t create the outfit without them. Capture hairstyles that you might like to try
  4. Take a good look at what you are collecting and whom you might like to resemble, does what you naturally gravitate towards and the imagine you would like to have match up; It is always possible to develop another style , but remember this may take some effort.
  5. Remember most of us exhibit two style personalities, often one at work or during the day and another when we are going out, or at weekends.
  6. Take a look at your wardrobe which clothes do you love and which do you just not wear despite good intentions; either start investing in items to coordinate to achieve the look you wish or let them go!
  7. Check out the hair and make up for your chosen look, after all the clothes alone won’t achieve what you wish;Look out some pictures of hairstyles you might like and talk to your stylist about whether you can achieve them and how much maintenance it will involve.
  8. Try items on in the shops and take a picture of yourself; hard though this may be it will help you decide what is working for you and what is not.
  9. Try new items that you wouldn’t normally wear, with lots of your own items, don’t expect everything to go with everything else;
  10. Differentiate between basics and fashion items and those for special occasions; after all this is like a meal, you select certain foods to complement others and you choose based on your mood, look at clothes in the same light!

Above all have some fun and get some help.