Styling Your Body And You 

“and I said to my body softly, I want to be your friend, it took a long breath and replied, I have been waiting my whole life for this.” – Nayyirah Waheed

How often do you go to your wardrobe and find that despite having lots of clothes you have nothing to wear? This is because your clothes don’t flatter your form, they don’t express who you are or they don’t work for your lifestyle. When all three come together you will find that every day you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you want to wear.

If you don’t love it and it doesn’t make your heart sing don’t buy it – you won’t wear it!

It is easy to look at the images in the press and media and wonder whether you are a pear, apple or triangle etc, however few of us fit these descriptors easily, and actually they don’t matter, what matters is that you understand how to dress each element of your shape effectively to flatter your form and reflect your personality.

Feel Like You

You can bring to your session clothes that you love and those that you struggle with and by the end of the session you will understand why and how to modify what you have and buy with confidence moving forward.

We will discuss, face shape and the use of accessories and makeup to enhance your best features.

Typical Events

During our pre-consultation we will discuss what you do what you feel your issues are and what you want your wardrobe to look and feel like for you.

During the consultation you will learn which clothes suit your shape and fabrics and patterns which flatter your form better than others. We will identify your style profile which holds answers to your current clothing purchases and future choices. Sessions can be done individually or in small groups.

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