Tailoring, Tweed And The Odd Tassle!

By March 21, 2017Image Consultant

So spring is here and summer on the way and so would it seem is a little bit of tailoring and tweed. Suddenly the shops have lots of lovely jackets and coats which can add a smart look to both casual and more formal attire; and for those of you who love to wear your jeans on duty as well as off, this can be a great way of dressing up your favourite pair.

So who has what? Well Next who have been a little lack lustre lately have suddenly produced a lovely pink versions which looks great with washed jeans; it also comes in bolder checks and other colourways for those  who favour a more dramatic look.

Zara not surprisingly are straight in again with a couple of great offerings, a lovely coat which comes in blue or red and has the added benefit of great fringing detail. This coat will see you through spring and summer;   both colour ways are vibrant and versatile,and I love them as does my niece who already has bought and worn the blue version.

They have also produced a chic little short jacket very reminiscent of Jacqui O which is bound to be big this season with the new movie on it’s way. This bright red and blue jacket has a touch of sparkle just to add further interest.

As ever Joe Brown is awash with interesting styles, patterns and colours for the more creative and dramatic amongst us. And desigual have some striking colours and interestingly one of the few places I found a beautiful green hue;

The jackets, particularly, are great for all of those with a square  or angular upper body shape and those neat hourglasses amongst you; make sure whatever you pick fits you under the bust well, neat but not too tight;  edge to edge style coats and will suit most body shapes just remember to draw attention to your waist; real or imagined!

If you are curvaceous and fuller figured steer away from the more rigid woven fabrics to the softer stretch jersey or ponte fabrics out there, they look like tweed but feel much softer and more conformable; also weaves that almost feel knitted, because they have so much movement and stretch are good for fuller figures, beware of adding bulk!

Asymmetric fastenings can be very flattering for most of us and provide real interest to coats and jackets and once again Joe Brown major on these.

Invest in your favourite version and you will find you are constantly reaching for it to smarten up all sorts of outfits and for all sorts of occasions.