The Shopping Trip – how to enjoy the experience;

By February 26, 2018Image Consultant
A Shopping Trip
So a week a go today I went shopping with a lovely lady who we will call April(not her real name). April had come for Colour and Style a while ago, but felt stuck in a rut and resorted to wearing black again; Plus April had some challenges , even though she was a  lovely slim size 6 she has a short rise and as a consequence struggles to find trousers that fit; something that resonates with a lot of us.
The Brief
Prior to the trip we discussed the type of clothes she would like, and what they were to be used for, in this case a mixture of work and casual attire; April wears largely smart casual outfits to work. I also new that Aprils personality style is City Chic so despite the fact that her build means she could wear the current trend for detail at the shoulder etc and that she whilst she likes a little bit of interest in her outfits, her personality is uncomfortable with anything frilly or fussy. She has a largely neat hour glass figure, so many shapes will suit her but anything too baggy hides her great curves and overwhelms her smaller frame.. She really  wanted some patterned tops in her wardrobe  but remembered that since she is smaller in build the size of pattern was important; And lastly she would like to understand how to wear jewellry to complement the overall look, but again not dominate it.
The Research
I had done a little research beforehand and offered her some thoughts via  email on items I thought she could wear; based on her reaction to these I further checked shops for clothing in her size that fitted our brief. and therefore had a good idea of where to head.
The Outing
Armed with all this knowledge we set off for the shops and two hours later and laden with bags and topped up by a much neede coffee, April departed with some really lovely individual items that she could wear together or with items from her current wardrobe; and no black!
She had increased her understanding of pattern, jewellery and proportion and what to look for in trousers; She looked stunning in the items we found for her and has ordered some further items based on what she learnt on the day; all in all a successful and fun filled mornings work.
The Feedback
I shall let April say it in her own words.
Hi Clare,
I’ve just tried everything on for my husband and he thinks it’s all great – believe me he would say if that were not the case!
The thing he likes best are the jeans with the stripe down the sides.  I’ve recently bought a pair of Vans pumps which I’ve not worn yet and they go well together.
I had such a fab morning.  Not only have you given me some new ideas but as the morning went on I got more confident in trying out new stuff.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in a fitting room with 15 items!  Not only that but apart from the green top in Next I wouldn’t have picked any of those things out for myself.  So a brand new look for me!
Thanks also for explaining the jewellery.  I’ll be looking out for more of those necklaces.  And thanks for re-explaining the rise. No wonder I’ve had so many problems looking for decent pants.
I’m going to check out Zara for the matching cardigan.
I really enjoyed your company too.  It was so kind of you to do that for me.  If I know of ANYONE who needs some help with style I’ll send them to you.  And hopefully I’ll see you again, next time I’m fed up of my black wardrobe (which hopefully will not happen again!)
If you need help with your shopping or wardrobe please get in touch!